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The Fort Bowie National Historic Site

 I’m glad I changed my mind and decided to check out the Fort Bowie National Historic Site, it is well worth visiting!

Though not much remains of the fort’s buildings except for their stone foundations, the informational plaques give you a good idea of how things were, and the photos that are part of the display are quite nice to fill in the details for your mind’s eye.

I walked in from the regular trailhead, but you can also access the fort and the visitor center via a separate road closer to Bowie in case you don’t want to walk the 1.5 miles (one way) to the fort.  The walk does take you past several historic spots so its worth the exercise.

Grave Marker of Medal of Honor winner in the post cemetery

Interestingly, located some distance from main post.

The strategically important water source for the area, Apache Spring

The PX !

I didn’t know that a school was mandatory.

The school’s foundation stones

Same view of the spot for the Dress Parade pic of 1886

Heliographs….I’d forgotten about this signaling technology

This is part of what remains of “Officer’s Row”

I believe that is Bowie Peak in the distance

The foundation stones of the CO’s house

The view from the CO’s house of the main parade ground

Cavalry Barracks

Inside the visitor center, there’s some interesting photographs and displays as well:

In case you were wondering….

The officer whose mishandling of the 

situation was the seminal event leading to

24 years of war with the Apache

Heliograph, though apparently, incomplete

I thought this photo very nicely done, an action shot!

A view of the fort’s grounds from the top of the ridge tail one

uses to return to the main trailhead.

Siphon Canyon

A couple of information plaques located at the main trailhead:

Though it felt like it was longer (I remain out of shape), the fitness app on my phone reported me walking just 2.6 miles or about 12,500 steps.  Go figure.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the Bowie area of Arizona and have about 2-3 hours to kill, you may want to check out the Fort Bowie NHS!

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