OATS Vs BET- Who Will Dominate The Indian EV Market?

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/oats-vs-bet-who-will-dominate-the-electric-vehicle-market/Rajiv Bajaj ( Managing Director ) Bajaj auto has introduced new terms “OATS” and “BET” during the launch of their Bike bajaj pulsar, he mentioned these while pointing to Indian EV Startups like ola electric and Ather energy. 

Rajiv Bajaj said: “Because they are champions, they have a track record — there are two very clear things. Champions eat OATS for breakfast — Ola, Ather, Tork and SmartE. ‘Picture Abhi Baki hai,’ I will say,”

Tarun Mehta CEO-Ather Energy Twitted in Response:

Bhavish Agarwal CEO- Ola Electric Twitted in Response:

Who Will Dominate The Electric Vehicle Market?


As there is a major shift going on from IC vehicles to Electric Vehicles, many EV startups are looking to get into this booming market.

The startups like Ather Energy, Ola Electric, Simple Energy, Revolt Motor, etc. are already doing a great job in the EV industry. The corporates such as Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra are also trying to get the benefit of the golden opportunity.

Let’s understand what’s the major two differences between these startups and the corporates in dealing with the EV industry.

While companies like Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, and others have a well-established brand value in the market, they are unable to take risks due to several constraints, including the need to show mandatory profits because they are publicly listed on stock markets, and a temporary loss on the balance sheet can scare away investors.

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As a result, corporations only participate when they have a complete plan in place and every move they take is measured. While Startups, on the other hand, can start with little or no profit and grow into a profitable businesses in the future.

The second reason is that the two domains have different approaches. While corporates believe in selling automobiles through showrooms and service centers, startups, such as Ola electric scooters, are adopting the idea of selling directly to customers and delivering them to their homes without opening a single showroom resulting in less investment.

Although it is difficult to predict who will win in this race, and everyone has their own opinion on this, it is all a matter of discussion. but ultimately lets us all reduce the carbon emissions in the environment by taking necessary action from an individual point of view on a positive note.

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