McLaren team boss snipes at colleague Horner

There is a fierce battle going on not only on the track, but also outside of it. The verbal war between Toto Wolff (Mercedes) and Christian Horner ( Red Bull Racing) is a striking example. Last mentioned also lashed out at a marshal in Qatar.Wolff, for which Horner had to go to the stewards.

Over the edge

Andreas Seidl, McLaren’s team boss, is now also getting involved in the discussion. He says his team would never let it off the hook like Horner did. “If you watch everything which is ongoing at the moment, it is clear, obviously, there’s a lot at stake,” Seidl explained to “It’s different to the battles we are in further back, and is obviously great to a certain degree for the fans, and for the show, because in the end it should be entertainment as well.”

Keep respect

Still, Seidl has great difficulty with what is being called out. “But I definitely think that some of the comments we’ve seen in recent weeks, it’s definitely not something I could imagine would come from us in such a situation. I think it’s very important, and it doesn’t matter if you fight for wins, or if you are last, that you always keep respect for the competitors, for the FIA, for F1.”

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