‘A powerful engine helps in Jeddah’.

According to the experts Lewis Hamilton is the big favourite during the next race in Saudi Arabia. Especially the lay-out of the track – with many long, straight stretches – would be perfect for the strong Mercedes engine. Is that right or not?

Fast corners for Red Bull?

Like so many circuits in the world, Hermann Tilke also designed the track in Jeddah. He admits that a strong power unit will work wonders at the newest circuit on the F1 calendar. “Very definitely,” he states to F1 insider. “A powerful engine helps, but it’s not just straight ahead there. There are some fast corners that, with the right set-up, could give the Red Bull an advantage. Also, it’s a street circuit, so often different laws apply.”

Verstappen has already proven on several occasions that he feels like a fish in the water on a street circuit. That is why Red Bull thinks he can take victory in Saudi Arabia as well. “We trust in Max’s strength on street circuits,” advisor Helmut Marko told the German medium.


Marko rightly explains that Max dominated on similar tracks earlier this season. On both circuits, Lewis Hamilton was driven a long way behind. “Max won in Monaco and in Baku he clearly dominated before his tyre broke, through no fault of his own. I think the driver can make the difference again in Saudi Arabia.”

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