Hamilton tries to gain advantage over Verstappen with this exercise

Lewis Hamilton was not a fan of simulators in the past, but has gradually started to see the benefits. Since his intense title fight with Max Verstappen in 2021, the Mercedes driver has been using the simulator regularly. Now he has taken place in the machine again, in preparation for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Hamilton falls back on simulator

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is unknown territory for all drivers. At the moment the circuit is being finished, but it was doubtful whether it would be ready in time. In the run-up to the first race weekend in Jeddah the drivers can already practice on the simulator.

Verstappen already said he downloaded the circuit so he could practise on it in his own simulator, but Hamilton also falls back on the tool. Whereas in previous years he had already secured the championship at this point, he will now go into the final two races as the number two in the World Championship standings and the seven-time world champion will have to pull out all the stops in an attempt to beat Verstappen.

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