Celebrating Alonso’s Most Iconic Moments

No one can doubt that Fernando Alonso is one of the racing legends.

While he has bagged two world championships, he could’ve won as many as five with better machinery at his disposal, missing out on the other titles by wafer-thin margins.

Alonso has been away from the tracks for two years now. In honor of his 40th birthday, we look back at the best moments he has had with his team, Alpine. Fernando is all praise for the current crop of drivers. However, the Spaniard is determined to make a comeback and be at the top of the F1 world once more. Alonso boasts an impressive record of 22 pole positions and 32 victories from which we have picked the most special moments.

2003 Hungarian Grand Prix- F1 Crowns Its Youngest Winner

Even at the initial stages of his career, Alonso was breaking records. He became the youngest ever F1 pole-sitter and podium winner at that time. He topped things off by becoming the youngest race winner ever at the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix.

While the record has been broken by Max Verstappen, you still can’t underestimate what Alonso achieved in Hungary. Not only did the Renault driver lead right from the lights, but he also managed to finish ahead of everyone else by a good 17 seconds, getting the better of Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher.

2005 Japanese Grand Prix – A Change of Guard At 130R

This race marked the momentous passing of the baton from one generation to the other. Alonso showed unbelievable courage as he zoomed past the outside of a seven-time world champion. Yes, the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix might well be remembered for how Kimi Raikkonen surged through the tracks to claim victory. The 180-mph roar from Alonso, as he achieved World Championship stardom, was indeed very brave, marking the dawn of Formula 1’s future.

2005 San Marino Grand Prix- Taking it to Schumi at Imola

If you had watched the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix, we bet you remember what a nail-biter it was. It was a display of some fine defensive driving by Alonso. Schumacher made a rare mistake, which saw him slide down to P13. However, as is typical of him, he charged through the tracks that put him right on Alonso’s tail. Despite Alonso’s Renault being low on power for much of the race, in a stupendous test of his nerves, Alonso managed to hang in and finished the race just 0.215s ahead of Schumacher.

2005 Brazilian Grand Prix- Formula 1 Has Its Youngest World Champion

While Alonso had a dominating lead over Raikkonen in the Driver’s Championship, getting over the line is the real test of every driver. The Renault driver was conscious of the fact that he only needed to be within striking distance of Raikkonen to grab his first World Championship with two races remaining. In a fine display of mature driving, Alonso made sure of a podium finish to take the honor of being crowned Formula 1’s youngest ever World Champion, sparking off wild celebrations.

2012 European Grand Prix – Overcome by Emotions After a Stunning Drive

It was probably Alonso’s finest race ever. He started at P11 in a narrow Valencia circuit, where overtaking was rare. Against heavy odds, Alonso put up a stunning display of overtaking to emerge the winner, even when getting anywhere near the podium had seemed impossible.

Alonso did have his share of luck with Lewis Hamilton suffering a poor stop and Sebastian Vettel retiring due to mechanical issues, but there’s no denying that it was a sterling show, with the pass around the outside of Romain Grosjean being the icing on the cake. This incredible win in front of the home crows had Alonso in tears of joy.

More Moments to Come

Formula 1 racing sure is riveting, and you just can’t take your eyes off the action! With Alonso back, we can expect some more mesmerizing moments for his fans. However, it is possible that certain geo-restrictions might prevent you from seeing Alonso, or other racers, perform. Thus, it is always recommended to download VPN if you wish to retain access to services usually available to you. Say you decide to travel, and the country you visit does not support the broadcast. Then, a VPN will be your best friend, helping you watch all the events you want.


As Fernando Alonso eyes a comeback to the world of Formula 1, this article rekindles memories of some of his iconic moments. Some of the victories he achieved despite being written off initially were truly incredible. What Alonso has achieved on the tracks has given us some unforgettable moments and made him endearing among the fans of the sport. Here’s hoping that he makes a successful comeback.

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